Aaron + Bella

I literally can NOT stop looking at these photos of Aaron + Bella and her growing bump that is sweet Bowen. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet and not to mention naturals in front of the camera. Baby Bowen will be here in 2 shorts weeks and I can hardly wait to meet him. :)

Audrey + Brian

Audrey & Brian’s wedding was held at their newly purchased home in Franklin. The transformation that their new home under went to become the wedding venue of their dreams of amazing! It was absolutely beautiful! The thoughtful details their put in place to make it their own was something I was so honored to be apart of. They turned their barn into a reception venue and Brian and Audrey hand picked and built the arch where they got married. Talk about holding back water works. The night was capped off with a surprise fireworks show from the Audrey’s brother. Who also cooked up one delicious meal I might add.

foundations of posing: part one

I know, I know. Posing can feel so daunting when it's time for that engagement or bridal session or even on your wedding day. Every visible body part can be used to tell a story and you want to be sure that story is one of intention and not something that is distracting.

With wedding planning on the horizon and life in general, who has time to think about how to pose for pictures. Where do you even begin? So we're going to start from the bottom and work our way up.



What you do with your feet will dictate what happens with the rest of your body. Your photographer may ask you to do the "CLOSED", "OPEN", or "STACKED/PROM" pose. The 'closed' foundation pose is where two subjects face one another with their feet pointing toward the other. This pose is meant to showcase a couples intimacy. The 'open' foundation pose is where both of the couples feet are toward the camera, opening their stances up to the camera. The final foundation pose is the 'stacked' or 'prom pose'. This means that one person is standing behind and slightly to the side of the other with their feet facing the same direction.



The worst thing you can do during your photo experience is to be stiff. Have fun and move around. Tickle each other, play patty-cake (okay, maybe don't play patty-cake); the point is, HAVE FUN! If you're extra uncomfortable in front of the camera getting to know your photographer can be a game changer. Before your engagement session, ask if your photographer would like to grab a drink or some chips and salsa (YES, PLEASE!) and get to know them! That way you'll be less likely to stiffen up and have a much better experience.



You guys are engaged and love each other a whole bunch, right? Right! So just be in love. Cup her cheek, brush the hair out of her eyes, or whisper sweet nothings in his ear. All of these little things can bring you back to those first feelings to love and intimacy and those are the photos that will tell stories for years to come.

Until next time,


what to wear: engagement session edition

Wondering what to wear for your engagement photos? You're not alone. Brides spend plenty of time planning the looks that will show up on everything from their save-the dates to the walls of their first house. Before you scan your closet or hit the mall, consider these top tips on what to wear for your engagement shoot.


1. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like You

Now's not the time to pull out a beaded ball gown if you're a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl. You should feel comfortable in the outfit you choose. You should look like yourself but at your best.

2. Complement Each Other, But Don't Match

Complementing your man's look is one thing. But don't match your outfits and patterned prints aren't the best for portrait sessions. Stay away from anything too busy, as it can be unnecessary distraction in photos.

3. Choose Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones

You'll want to avoid anything neon, lest you look like a hot, blinking sign. So consider wearing pastels, cool hues, or neutral tones, then add a pop of bright color with your accessories.

4. Incorporate at Least One Accessory

Accessories, such as a stylish scarf or chunky necklace, add serious "wow" factor no matter what you're wearing. Plus, they're easy to slip on and off, which means you'll have a variety of looks with a single outfit.

5. Choose Classic Rather Than Trendy Looks

You may love that black-and-white maxidress now, but next year you may only picture a referee or jailbird when you see yourself in head-to-toe stripes. Choose a look that recommend looks that will remain timeless, rather than outfits that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road.

6. Stick With Two Outfits

Don't fall victim to treating your engagement session as a fashion photo shoot. These are the pictures where you get to remember who you are at the end of the day when it's only the two of you! Two outfits is more than enough to reflect this in couples, and it ensures you won't spend your entire engagement session in a rush to change into the next set of clothes."



morgan + uvaldo

These two are some of my most favorite people I’ve ever met! They are so much fun and full of life. I cannot wait for their wedding next year. We took their engagement photos at the Kleb Nature Center in Tomball, Texas. It was so pretty and the perfect location to capture some great authentic moments between Morgan + Uvaldo.