foundations of posing: part one

I know, I know. Posing can feel so daunting when it's time for that engagement or bridal session or even on your wedding day. Every visible body part can be used to tell a story and you want to be sure that story is one of intention and not something that is distracting.

With wedding planning on the horizon and life in general, who has time to think about how to pose for pictures. Where do you even begin? So we're going to start from the bottom and work our way up.



What you do with your feet will dictate what happens with the rest of your body. Your photographer may ask you to do the "CLOSED", "OPEN", or "STACKED/PROM" pose. The 'closed' foundation pose is where two subjects face one another with their feet pointing toward the other. This pose is meant to showcase a couples intimacy. The 'open' foundation pose is where both of the couples feet are toward the camera, opening their stances up to the camera. The final foundation pose is the 'stacked' or 'prom pose'. This means that one person is standing behind and slightly to the side of the other with their feet facing the same direction.



The worst thing you can do during your photo experience is to be stiff. Have fun and move around. Tickle each other, play patty-cake (okay, maybe don't play patty-cake); the point is, HAVE FUN! If you're extra uncomfortable in front of the camera getting to know your photographer can be a game changer. Before your engagement session, ask if your photographer would like to grab a drink or some chips and salsa (YES, PLEASE!) and get to know them! That way you'll be less likely to stiffen up and have a much better experience.



You guys are engaged and love each other a whole bunch, right? Right! So just be in love. Cup her cheek, brush the hair out of her eyes, or whisper sweet nothings in his ear. All of these little things can bring you back to those first feelings to love and intimacy and those are the photos that will tell stories for years to come.

Until next time,